Hymns of Angels in human melodies

Hymns of Angels in human melodies

Journey to the angels paths

The concert will touch our souls and we will walk in the paths of the angels.

Organized by the Cultural Movement of Limassol "Select". Will be held on Saturday, on April 1th 2017, at 8:30 pm, in Pattichion Municipal Theatre.

The content of the concert:
Extracts from the homonymous work by Stavros Kougioumtzi. These extracts, framed by the works of Kalomiri, Theodorakis and Manos. Also included, church hymns, poetry of Cavafy, Ritsos, Elytis, Livaditi and Kampanellis expected to travel to the souls of the listeners.
Additionally, it included excerpts from the "Symphonia tis Leventias" by Manolis Kalomiri, "Axion Esti" by Mikis Theodorakis on poetry of Odysseas Elytis, "Epitaphios" from the work of Giannis Ritsos and many other works of great Greek artists.
The concert is expected to last approximately 80 minutes.


  • Epilogi Children's Choir
  • Epilogi Mixed Choir
  • Epilogi Cantus Novus
  • Cyprus European University Choir
  • Soloists: Giorgos Kalogirou, Marianna Pieretti
  • Narrator: Panagiotis Thoma
  • Arrangements and Instrumentation: Konstantinos Diminakis, Christos Stavrinides
  • Choral Director/Artistic Director Angelina Nicolaidou

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