Bridges of Cyprus

Bridges of Cyprus

The treasure and the cultural heritage of the island!

Cyprus, over the centuries, has changed many hands of conquerors, who, leave behind their mark on the folklore and architectural development of the island.

In the mountainous and rural areas, one of the most important spots of cultural heritage is the bridges that are built in forests and rivers and constitute a real treasure for Cyprus.

Some of the most important bridges on the island are:

Milia Bridge: Situated between the villages of Platres and Pera Pedi in the Limassol province and during the Middle Ages the road to the two villages bridges the Krios River. You can reach the bridge by walking, bike or car.
Photo: Christos Christou

Medieval bridges at Koilani: One of the bridges is near the chapel of Agia Mavri in the village of Koilani Limassol, on the river Krios and on the path of the Nature trail "Watermill". The bridge consists of an arc and three watermills. The second Venetian bridge in Koilani is about fifty meters from the watermill of Panagia.
Photo: Constantinos Neophytou

Venetian bridge "Treis Elies": Situated to the south of the village of Three Olives, on the homonymous nature trail, which is 2.5 km away and ends at Orpolis.
Photo: Marios Apostolides

Venetian Tzelefos Bridge: Situated 6 km from the Turkish Cypriot village of Agios Nikolaos and is the largest medieval bridge in Cyprus. It is a bridge that is built on the Diorozo River and consists of an arch at the ends of which there are carved stones.
Photo: Andreas Hadjiandonis

Venetian Bridge of Elia: In the tributary of Diarizo is the Venetian Bridge of "Elia", whose name comes from the olive tree that is on its construction site. It is a stone-pored bridge with a bow and it is part of the Venetian Bridges Path.
Photo: Christos Zoumides

Venetian Bridge in Kalopanagiotis: It is located in the tall plane of Kalopanagiotis. It is a point that formerly connected the village with the Monastery, the first Primary School and the surrounding rural area.
Photo: Adamos AdamosImages

Venetian Bridge Routkia or Roudia: It is located about 25 km from Platres, in an idyllic landscape near the village of Vretsia and in the Pafos forest. It is one of the best kept secrets of nature in Cyprus. The bridge is built on Xeros River, on which the Asprokremmos dam (the second largest dam in Cyprus) was built. The location is very isolated in the forest, but relatively easily accessible by car through the dirt road from the Pera Vasas excursion to the village of Panagia. There is a path to the village of Vretsia (3 km long). Nearby is the restaurant of the "vultures" while a bit further south by the river is the very picturesque monastery of Panagia of Sintis. The river has water even during the hottest summer months. There is a path linking the 3 Venetian bridges of the forest of Pafos, 11 km long. It is said that the 3 bridges were part of a route used by camel caravans in the Middle Ages to transport mined ore to Pafos port for export. The vegetation includes many pine trees, plane trees and alder trees.
Photo: Xanthos Athinodorou 

The bridge of Mylos: In a rather dense forest with tall plane trees and alder trees, the bridge of Mylos rises above the homonymous river of Mylos. This bridge consists of an arc forming a semicircle. Mylos Bridge is located within the Marathasa area and joins the inaccessible areas of the villages of Treis Elies and Kaminaria.
Photo: Lena Alexiou‎

Orkonta Bridge: It is very close to the Orkonta Station which joins the banks of the River Setrachos. Finding it is relatively difficult because there is no path leading to it.
Photo: Costas Constantinou

According to the list below, the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus has proclaimed the following bridges on the island, or is to designate them, as ancient monuments in order to protect and promote them.

  • Remains of a medieval bridge in Kamares, Famagusta
  • Bridge in Kato Drys
  • Medieval bridge in Kiti
  • Akapnous Bridge, Limassol
  • Medieval bridge over the Akrotiri salt mine
  • Aristos Bridge at the Amathos River, Germasogeia
  • Residues of the Roman bridge and Roman road in the area of ​​Latsitkia, Episkopi
  • Medieval bridge Kato Mylos - Potamitissa
  • Two bridges in Koilani
  • Bridge in Pano Platres
  • Bridge between the villages of Agios Mamas, Pelendri and Zoopigi in the Xylourikos River
  • Bridge on the Amianto River
  • Bridge in Elyomylos, Potamiou
  • Two bridges in Treis Elies
  • Three bridges of Piskopou, Stavrou and Elias, Foini
  • Bridge on the River Kouri
  • Kalopanagiotis Bridge
  • Bridge between Oikos and Kalopanagiotis
  • Medieval bridge in the occupied Ortakioyiou
  • Roudia Bridge
  • Bridge of Tzielefou
  • Bridge at the borders of the community of Acheleia and the Municipality of Geroskipou
  • Skarfos Bridge

Akapnou Bridge: In the northwest of the community, 300 meters from the center, there is a stone bridge that, according to the inhabitants of the village, was built at the time of the Venetians.
With this bridge, a series of stories are connected. It is worth mentioning that this was used by the Crusader army to pass from Larnaka to Pitsilia. Its distinctive feature is the two arches, the one acute and the other semicircular. Typically, the Venetians built bridges with an arc, with the exception (in Cyprus) of this bridge and the bridge of Trimiklini. There is also the "arcajin of Rigena" where, according to tradition, Rigena, pursued by the Saracens, fell from her horse and was killed.
Photo: Yiannis Kypri

Trimiklini Bridge: Taking a trip to Trimiklini you will see a unique ancient bridge built on the bed of the river Kouri and built during the Venetian era.
Photo:Costa Astir

Skarfou Bridge: Between the villages of Evretou and Sarama, we find the remnants of an abandoned, purely Greek settlement, Skarfou. Very close to the settlement is the Skarfou bridge. It is a stone-built single-aisled bridge with an arched opening. It dates back to 1618, according to an inscribed inscription on the bridge.