"Perlimplin and Belisa" & "The Stag King"

"Perlimplin and Belisa" & "The Stag King"

Workshops of Agios Athanasios Open School presented...

On Monday 5th of July 2016 at Agios Athanasios municipality the two theater workshops of Agios Athanasios Open School presented the performances "Perlimplin and Belisa" of Federico Garcia Lorca and "The Stag King", a work based on II Re Cervo of Carlo Gozzi.

"Perlimplin and Belisa" is a modern but timeless tale, written by the brilliant Poet of Love and duende, Federico García Lorca. A masterpiece that celebrates love in an extraordinart way and is correclty considered as one of the masterpieces of the world theater.

"The Stag King" is an exciting and hilarious adventure work where actors are tranaformed into courtiers, magicians, parrots, murderers, statue and a deer with a star on its forehead. The eleven protagonists will be meet once in a forest where strange things will happen. Things that "if you do not see them with your eyes, you cannot believe that may happen in real".

Director: Yolanda Christodoulou

Musical Director: Antigone Kiriakidou

Scenery: Panagiotis Marcou

* All of the "Open School" events are under the auspices of the Minister of Education and Culture Dr. Costas Kadis.

"Perlimplin and Belisa" & "The Stag King"

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