Discover the hidden gems nestled in the rugged mountains of Cyprus

Discover the hidden gems nestled in the rugged mountains of Cyprus

Embark on an adventure to Cyprus's mountain destinations and create unforgettable memories

Looking for something different to do this weekend? We have the ideal solution! A day trip to the most beautiful mountain destinations in Cyprus.
Lets explore some ideas for great destinations that you can easily access with your favourite people.

A Few Words About Troodos

Troodos is known as a hallmark of Cyprus! This is because Troodos is the largest mountain range in the country, occupying about 30% of the entire Cypriot territory. At the peak of Troodos, you can find Olympus, which is also the highest mountain peak in Cyprus. Mount Olympus impresses, especially in winter when snow covers the entire mountain, ensuring a breathtaking winter landscape. The flora of Troodos is remarkable and will enchant you, filling your memories with plenty of greenery. Troodos is an ideal choice for nature lovers and there are several paths and villages to visit at the base of the mountain range.

Let's explore which destinations are the "hidden gems" of the mountains.


(Image of Sykopetra from Costas Mageiroudes)

Pitsilia is an area rich in cultural tradition. Located to the east of Olympus, which, as mentioned earlier, is the highest mountain peak in Cyprus, it consists of about 30 villages. Zoopigi, Agios Ioannis, Palechori, Polystypos, and Sykopetra, amongst others, are villages that make up Pitsilia. Discover them one by one, they are worth visiting. The ideal destinations for tranquillity and fresh clean air.


Marathasa Valley

(Kalopanayiotis Village)

Marathasa Valley is located in the northern part of Troodos, between the Larnaca-Nicosia road, and has many beautiful picturesque villages to visit. In the region of Marathasa, you will find the villages of Kalopanagiotis with the monastery of Ioannis the Lampadist. The village has a cable car that extends from the top of Kalopanagiotis to the monastery. It would be the perfect idea for a panoramic view of the landscape. Also, in Marathasa Valley, there is the village of Kykkos with the monastery of Panagia of Kykkos, but amongst others, Prodromos with the Monastery of Panagia Trikoukkiotissa. Marathasa Valley is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Cyprus, as shown in the photo above, and you have to see it up close.


Solea Valley

(Photo by Xenios Nicolaou)

Solea is primarily known for its Byzantine churches. The Solea Valley is located on the main road of the Nicosia-Troodos route and is lush green. Villages like Kakopetria offer a wide variety of restaurants and cafes for visitors to relax after strolls along the paths. Additionally, there are villages like Evrychou with its folk museum, as well as Spilia. Furthermore, the existence of the Rodou Watermill is well-known, created for the equitable distribution of water to the surrounding villages.


We should admire the mountain destinations of Cyprus and visit them, they have nothing to envy from the equally beautiful beaches.