Respecting Time

Respecting Time

An exhibition of the artist Eirini Violari...

“Respecting Time: This title was chosen due to the fact that it makes us reflect on how human beings have created so much through history; we have created societies, structures and rules, we are constantly evolving, changing, we promote cultures… Nevertheless we always stand by an important reference point: Time. The need to keep Time on our side remains intact.

Everyone struggles to find solutions to their problems… Lets not forget that we exist in order to grow and be completed spiritually. Only through our experiences, positive or negative, do we manage to become complete as individuals…
Love, Truth and Respect are values ​​respected and desired by everyone, not only ephemerally, but throughout time. We are all destined to serve, not only ourselves, but also the people around us, contributing to creating a better world.
Just like previously mentioned, we come to the conclusion that behind us all, lies a human need for a ‘stable’ reference point. A philosophical reflection on the course of life: a Religious Faith to keep up with reality.
Finally, I would like to point out that for all people, Time is a field, where one can develop his/her personality and cultivate his/her spirituality. Respecting Time could help one fulfil his/her intended purpose…”

Eirini Violari was born in Nicosia and raised in Limassol. She studied Fashion design, but for the last 20 years, she has been active in painting and religious Iconography, evolving her own techniques through experimentation. She has participated in several group exhibitions in Cyprus and Greece, and she teaches painting and religious Iconography at her studio in Limassol. She is Vice President of the Art Without Borders association.

Exhibition opens from 25 until 29 November 2016.



Respecting Time

Respecting Time could help one fulfil his/her intended purpose…