Rigena, the mysterious mythical queen

Rigena, the mysterious mythical queen

Who is Rigena and why she is so related with Cyprus

Rigena is a mysterious person of the popular tradition of Cyprus and she is mentioned in all the myths and traditions of Cyprus.

Rigena is a very beautiful woman. There are several myths about her that give her different roles, in some myths she is very rich, in others kind and compassionate, in other myths mean, in others cruel and vindictive, in others agonistic and in others weak and unprotected.

Rigena lives in the towers or the isolated castles of Pentadactylos.  Rigena is very much related with Cyprus, because except from the Cypriot myths and traditions, she is also related with many bridges, medieval buildings, castles, towers, caves, churches, villages, plains and mountains that are attributed to her.  In many places there is the throne of Rigena, her baths and her palace. It belongs to her almost all of Cyprus and this makes her very related to Cyprus!

'Rigena' is not her regular name, she does not have a regular name, Rigena means queen. Rigena is so rich that she has hidden treasures that many people have tried in the past to find but nobody has found anything.
Simos Menardos in 1901 in the "Parnassos" of Athens gave a lecture about Rigena and also made some publication, but no publication give analytically and detailed information about Rigena and thus she remains the mysterious mythical queen of Cyprus!