The First Full Wolf Moon 2020

The First Full Wolf Moon 2020

Why is it called the Wolf Moon and when is going to happen?

The ‘‘Full Wolf Moon 2020’’ is going to have amazing celestial events with brightness, so if you are a moon lover you will enjoy many nights while observing the night sky!

Every year, the first full moon in January is called the ‘’Full Wolf Moon’’ and this is going to be the First Wolf Moon of 2020!

Why it is called the ‘’Wolf Moon’’:

This full moon is called ‘’Wolf Moon’’ because if you live near places that have wolves you can hear many wolves howling! 

This January lunar event is also being called the ‘’Great Spirit Μoon’’ because of the cold.

When is going to happen the ‘’Wolf Moon’’:

This Wolf Moon is going to happen on January 10, if they sky is clear you will be able to see the celestial body which will rise from the horizon at sunset.

This Wolf Moon will be completely illuminated at 2:21 p.m. ET, which is when 100% of its face will be lit up, but you can't actually see it until the sun starts to set.

Details about the ‘‘Wolf Moon’’:

The moon looks full to you in the days but it hasn't reached its true fullness and that is going to happen that night.

The Wolf Moon will shine in front of the Gemini constellation and will rise and set really far north of due east and west so you will be able to see it high in the sky.

This particular lunar calendar also acts like the summer sun as it follows the same high path that the sun does in the summer through the nighttime.

Every month has a special name for its full moon according to the things that happen in that month, like the ‘’Snow Moon’’ in February, the ‘’Strawberry Moon’’ in June and the ‘’Harvest Moon’’ in October.

2020 includes two Supermoons, a ‘’Blue Moon’’ that includes a lot of meteors and many other things that you will enjoy to observe!

And take care of the lunatics!


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