Trio Levante @zaatar food arts

Trio Levante @zaatar food arts

A wonderful musical journey

Trio Levante have marked the Cyprus music scene in the past 3 years presenting successfully the great legacy of the Smyrna school of Rebetiko, focusing to the pre-war Rebetiko and the Café-Aman era.

On Friday November 30th at 8:30 pm - 11:55 PM, come to the scene of Zaatar, promise a wonderful musical journey.

Photo: Trio Levante


  • Petros Kouloumis (voice, lute)
  • Pavlos Michailides (violin, voice)
  • Pantelis Ionas (banjo, guitar, oud, voice)

tel.77776600 or 22100785
Entrance 8 euro
(back space @zaatargarden operates normal and has NO extra charge).