We visited one of the most talked about restaurants in Larnaka
Monday 13/05/2024

We visited one of the most talked about restaurants in Larnaka

The restaurant of 2023 that quickly became the talk of the town

Have you ever eaten a dish in a tavern or a restaurant and fell in love with it?

SeaNatra in the heart of Larnaka, serves up delicious dishes that evoke feelings similar to those of love in those who try them.

Since July 2023, its reputation has become a common secret amongst locals and visitors alike.

We have tried SeaNatra's cuisine and want to share our experience with you.

First impression: Mediterranean beauty meets contemporary elegance!
We arrived around 7 in the evening and sat at one of the wooden tables, relaxing in its enchanting atmosphere. The decoration is inspired by the azure waters and golden sands of Cyprus, offering a stunning view of the sea in Larnaka.

A glance at the menu: A plethora of flavours!
SeaNatra's simple yet imaginative menu offers proposals inspired by Mediterranean cuisine in a combination of traditional and contemporary dishes. Skilfully crafted cocktails complement the menu for the ultimate taste experience.

First taste: A great culinary experience!
With the assistance of the service, we choose our dishes, some of which are best sellers: Iberian pork, grilled rib-eye steak, grilled chicken thigh, and linguine with mushrooms and truffle.

Everything we tried was truly delicious. However, the standout was the Iberian pork with parsnip textures, caramelized apple, lemon, and Spanish hot peppers.

The juicy steak also stole the show, which we believe was one of the best and most perfectly cooked steaks in Larnaka.

In all the dishes, the flavours were balanced, with each bite harmoniously tying together. The portion size of each dish was satisfying, and we all left full.

Of course, we didn't miss trying one of the desserts served at the restaurant. We chose the strawberry cheesecake with white chocolate ganache and strawberries. It was a good choice to complete our evening, and we recommend it to those who enjoy sweet and sour flavours together.

Undoubtedly, you should add SeaNatra on your to-do list as soon as possible to enjoy its dishes. Or if you've already visited, consider it as a reminder to go again.

We look forward to hearing about your culinary experience from whatever you've tried.

(24322593) Piale Pasa 16, Larnaca 6027
Facebook: SeaNatra Lounge Bar & Restaurant
Instagram: @seanatraloungebarrestaurant