2nd Annual Carrot Festival, Liopetri

2nd Annual Carrot Festival, Liopetri

22nd of July at the Achyrona Liopetriou Community Stadium

The Carrot Festival returns on July 22, 2022 at the Achyrona Liopetriou Community Stadium. It is a festival dedicated to a popular vegetable that thrives and is produced by the community of Liopetriou, which is famous for its excellent quality carrots.

Visitors, within the framework of the festival, will have the opportunity to try various recipes made with the basic ingredient carrot by renowned chefs.

Organised groups and associations will sell various carrot preparations such as sweets and jams, carrot cakes (individual and family sizes), donut's with cream and carrot jam, croissants with carrot jam, juices, margaritas, carrot cocktail, carrot soap. At the same time, there will be kiosks with souvlakia, kleftiko, hot dogs with coleslaw salad, fried carrots with eggs and various drinks.

At the festival there will be a musical and artistic program starting with the excellent DJ Michalis Kourtis. Followed by the great music group ONIRAMA in the evening.

The festival is organised by the Cultural Committee of the Liopetriou Community Council.

Come and experience the magic of Carrots!

22nd of July in Liopetri

ADMISSION: 5 euros

Free for all Students and Soldiers