War Hideouts

War Hideouts

To remind the older ones and teach the younger ones

Our island, Cyprus, which gave birth to worthy children with heroic characteristics, the island that raised young people ready to sacrifice their freedom and their life for their homeland, is full of hideouts used by EOKA from 1955 to 59.
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These hideouts are "dug" in the mountains of Troodos, in such a way that the natural vegetation helped the rebels to hide better than the English troops. Examples of the hideouts are barnacles, dug-up ceilings that could accommodate only one person to lie down, in home ovens and any places where the British troops would not think to look.
Photo: Κωνσταντίνα Γ. Παύλου

The rebels would hide in the day in their hideouts, while on the hillsides they moved only during the night so that they would not be seen. It is worth noting that the rebels were fed by residents of the villages that were instigated in EOKA and secretly transported food and water to them.
Photo: eoka55

Most, if not all, hideouts have been found today (2018), preserved and rebuilt without altering their original "architecture" and open to the public. They fall under the Greek flags and often under the statues of the dead in them, "To remind the older ones and to teach the younger ones."
Photo: eoka55

According to the EOKA Historic Remembrance Council 1955-1959 some of the historical - monumental hideouts of the Liberation Struggle 1955-1959 are:

  • Liopetri Barn
  • Bakery hideout (G.Afxentiou) in Paleochori 
  • Memorial of the EOKA Liberation Struggle 1955-1959 between the villages of Kato Amiantos and Pelendri of Pitsilia
  • Hideout - EOKA Headquarters - Dighenis Museum
  • Parent House - Evagoras Pallikaridis Museum in Tsada
  • Hideout on the rooftop of the late heroine Loukia Papageorgiou - Lautari, between the villages of Avgorou and Ormidias
  • Hideouts of the Battle 
  • Hideouts of Kakopetria

 Photo: kakopetria.eu

  • Hideout at Agros Area Lodge (Skouri location)
  • Lysos of Pafos (area "Prosefhis")

 Photo: lyssos.org.cy

  • Exhibition area of the Minas Minas house and the bust of the hero Michael Giorgalla, in Zoopigi. 
  • And More

Photo: Κωνσταντίνα Γ. Παύλου

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