The name Lysos has archaic origins and relates to the ancient Greek settlements in Asia Minor, from where settlers transferred ancient names to Cyprus

Lysos is located about 36 kilometres north-east of Pafos. It is the largest -with regard to territory -village of the Pafos district and covers a range of 9,526 hectares.

The village is built at an average altitude of 560 metres and it borders with the Nicosia district in the east. The village's highest point is "Tripylos" (1,362 metres), located in the most eastern section of the village, in the "Stavros tis Psokas" region. The largest part of the village's territorial range is covered by forest and wild vegetation. These are the grounds were the Cyprus Mouflon ("Agrino", Ovis Orientalis Ophion Cyprius) and several other rare birds live. There are remarkable Nature Trails in the region, the visitor being able to observe -unique in their kind -plants, birds, and reptiles. A forest police station has its headquarters in "Stavros tis Psokas" and there is also an amazing camping site. A similar site also exists in Agios Merkourios, not falling short in natural beauty.

In Lysos the visitor can admire the unique natural environment at the "Stavros tis Psokas" venue, the village's Byzantine Church that has an ancient Byzantine fresco in the Sanctuary's (Bema) niche, the frescoes in the small church of St. George, and many other sights.

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