Shipwrecks in Cyprus

Shipwrecks in Cyprus

In Cyprus there are many ship wrecks that make the bottom of the sea an adventure for any divers.

On the seabed of Cyprus beyond the marine wealth, flora and fauna, there are many shipwrecks that make it even more magical and also a pole of attraction for adventure.

The almost year-round clear sea, combined with the vast array of exciting submarine attractions including wrecks, caves, submerged ancient objects and the diversity of marine life, make the island one of the most attractive destinations for diving.

The most important known shipwrecks so far in the Cypriot seas are:

Wreck of "Three Star":
The Three Star Star Shipwreck is located at the seashore of Akrotiri village, in the bay of Episkopi. In the 1980s, a ship made a routine voyage from Yugoslavia to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia near the red sea, loaded with wood. Due to fierce bad weather and a great storm, the boat stood on the Akrotiri peninsula, wrapped in flames, until it sank. Not one of the members of the crew was killed. The Mav Achaios boat was built in 1932 and belonged to the company Akarnania Maritime Co.The frame of the partly submerged boat is still on the point and then abandoned aground and emits a chilling magic, making it a very special attraction in the Limassol water. The ship is submerged at a depth of about 7 meters. It is also ideal for diving.
Photo: Γιαννάκης Παπαναστασίου 

Shipwreck of Limassol:
This particular wreck is at a depth of 10-12 meters from the surface of the sea, close enough to the coast. It is a wreck that is a mystery located in a sea area off Limassol. Sensation causes the ship to "sit" on the seabed, just as it would float in the water. According to the Association of Cyprus Diving Centers, at first glance the ship appears to be commercial with a diameter of approximately 40-45 meters of Russian construction. The wreck found drone of Cyprus From Air team. The purity of the water allows us to see the wreck crystal clear.
Photo: Cyprus from air 

Wreck Fronts ll - Limassol:
It is an open two-deck merchant ship that sank near the port of Limassol during a storm in 1980 and is about 21 meters below sea level. For this dive, advanced Sea Certification (AOW) certification is required. Access to the Shipwreck can only be given to someone who have a boat.

Zenobia - Larnaka:
It is one of the ten best wrecks in the world and it is the most emblematic of the Mediterranean sea. The ship of Swedish origin commenced its maiden voyage on May 4, 1980 from Malmö, Sweden. In the middle of the route between Athens and Heraklion, the ship was in serious trouble. The captain took the ship to Piraeus and after 4 days pumped the water believing they solved the problem. On June 3, he set up a station in Larnaka where it was ascertained that the problem of water abstraction continued to exist. The ship, anchored now, slowly began to lean towards its right side. On May 7, 1980 the ship arrived at its final destination, 42 meters below the water in the Larnaka Marine Region.

HMS Cricket, an old British warship, is sunk upside down at the seabed of the Larnaka Marine Region at a depth of 27 meters.

Helicopter under wanter wreck - Larnaka:
This is a British Army helicopter that sank 16 feet below sea level in 1966. This dive requires OWF certification. Access can be made by boat 15 minutes off the coast of Larnaka, near the Dhekelia area.

Ancient Mazotos shipwreck:
It is a shipwreck of a late class merchant ship located in the sea area off the village of Mazotos, at a depth of 45 meters. It is one of the most important shipwrecks in the eastern Mediterranean sea. From 2007 until 2012, 3 excavations were carried out in the 4th century B.C Mazotos wreck, where it was located in 2006 and is in a very good condition. The main cargo of the ship was red wine packed in commercial clay amphorae from Chios where, as you say, it was not the most widespread in Cyprus. All the findings were transferred to the Archaeological Museum of Larnaka, where they are maintained by the Department of Antiquities.

The Vera K wreck - Pafos:
The Lebanese truck stood in shallow water in 1972 and was initially used as a target in army exercises. Later, however, it was declared dangerous for the other ships and exploded in 1974.
Diving to this wreck is an unprecedented experience for those who love diving. For this dive, Overseas Sea Certification (OW) is required. Today (2018) is located 11 meters from the surface of the sea, in a crater created by the explosion. Very close are two large galleries and narrow tunnels suitable for experienced divers and abundant marine life for sight.
Photo: ScubaCube

Nemesis Wreck III – Paralimni:
The Nemesis III shipwreck is located in Paralimni, 600 meters away from the coast, near Vrysoudia beach, Protaras. The wreck was the second of the wrecked that sank in Protaras and Ayia Napa. In December 2013, in front of a large excited crowd gathered to see the ship sinking to the bottom, it deliberately sank. It is located just outside the Golden Coast Hotel, the fishing harbor and in front of the Atlantica Sea Breeze Hotel.

Liberty 150:
It is a wreck 150 meters away from the Nemesis wreck, which sank in an attempt by the Municipality of Paralimni to create an artificial reef. The Liberty 150 shipwreck is located 650 meters away from the coast, in the coastal area of Paralimni opposite Vrysoudia beach. At this point, there is even the Nemessis wreck.
Photo:Ανδρέας Μακρής

Wright Star Shipwreck - Pafos:
It is a former Russian fishing boat that sank in the sea near the port of Pafos in 2006 as it traveled to Limassol for total disarray. Today (2018) lies on a rocky seabed, 14-18 meters below sea level.
Photo: ΚΟΤ

Dimitrios II - Chlorakas:
In Dimma area, where Dimitrios II is currently "glued". This is a Greek cargo ship built in Germany and traveling on 23 March 1998 with the flag of Honduras. He transported timber from Chalkida to the port of Limassol and then Beirut. While on the road to Limassol port, due to the heavy winds that were at that time, it was drifting from the waves and stunned a few hundred meters from the Chlorakas coast in the "Fourfouris" area as it is called. The ship literally snapped into a slit in that particular stuff and it is very difficult to detach itself. Despite the efforts made, both at that time and in the years that followed, it was not possible to tow. The sinking of the ship is not feasible because it is impossible to move it. There can not be any tug in the shadow of the ship Dimitrios II. The ship according to the law of the sea belongs to the Port Authority. Today (2018) is still there and is oxidized day by day in the sea. The silhouette that creates the ship's skier attracts thousands of visitors to photograph it.
Photo: Marios Ignatiou

EDRO III - Pegia:
One of the most important sights of the marine region of Cyprus is the sinking of EDRO III, in Pegia, Pafos. The area from EDRO III is just 200 meters from the sea caves, protected and included in the Natura 2000 program. It is a shipwreck that sank on October 7, 2011 due to the strong winds and seashore on the coast of the tourist area of Pegia, 10 km from Pafos. 

The Alexandria Wreck Cyprus
The fishing boat sinking around 2006 was meant to be out of operation and was on the sea road from Larnaka to Limassol, while a storm erupted where it sank. Since Alexandria has descended to the bottom, it has created a fantastic artificial reef around the wreck and therefore there is a variety of fish that can now be seen when diving. Due to the depth of this wreck, you must be an advanced diver to dive.

Constandis wreck dive
Constandis is located at a depth of 24 meters and was a USSR Trawler built in 1989 and called ZOLOTETS. By diving you can see large fish flocks, barracuda, plugs, hammers, turtles, turtles, seals, sea slugs, anemones and much more.

Lady Thetis - Limassol
Lady Thetis was a Cypriot passenger ship that was used as a leisure ship in Mediterranean Sea near Limassol. It was once called Reiher and was employed as a coastal passenger ship. It was built in Hamburg, West Germany in 1953 and registered in the Register of Cypriot Ships in 1990. Lady Thetis came set sail out of Limassol in February 2014 along with the Constandis fishing boat to operate as a recreation area. Lady Thetis is now about 18 meters (59 feet) under water and features invasive options for adventurous divers.

Kerynia Wreck Dive
The Kyrenia ship sank in March 2015, just off the coast of Ayia Napa. Many marine creatures are also visiting this beautiful ship wreck.

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