Nicholas Loizou

Nicholas Loizou

Interview with the owner of the Old Village Tavern

Cyprus Alive spoke with the owner of the Old Village Tavern, Mr. Nikolas Loizou. Read the interview below to learn more about this fantastic tavern.

1. Mr. Loizou, when was your tavern founded?
We have been operating since 2017.

2. What does the Old Village Tavern offer?

In our Cypriot tavern you will find excellent quality dishes. We offer guests authentic Cypriot cuisine, culture and hospitality!
A variety of classic Cypriot food, local wines, beers and spirits, as well as refreshing soft drinks for every meal. You can visit us for lunch and dinner.

3. Where is your tavern located?

Old Village Tavern is located in Ayia Napa, at 48 Island Avenue.

4. What makes Old Village Tavern stand out?

It is a charming and rustic tavern that offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We offer a Cypriot dining experience enhanced by live traditional music, dancing and the "custom" of breaking plates.

Our food is always cooked with fresh local products, cooked with perfection by our experienced chef.

5. What is your goal for your business?
To offer quality food, happy moments and a positive atmosphere to all who visit us!

Thank you very much Mr. Loizou. We wish you all the best and we are sure people will love your wonderful taverna and the amazing food you offer!