Achna (Achna Forest)

Achna (Achna Forest)

A village that was divided in 1974 with the Turkish invasion

Achna is one of the big and fertile villages of Kokkinohoria in the Famagusta province. It is adjacent to the villages of Kalopsida, Acheritou, Avgorou, Ormidia, Xylotympou, Pergamos and Makrasyka. Achna is an abandoned village in the Famagusta District of Cyprus. It is just north of the Buffer Zone and it is under the de facto control. After the Turkish invasion of 1974, the displaced residents built a new village nearby and called it Dasaki Achnas (Achna Forest).

In the village today there are churches, chapels and monuments. The large church of Achna, which dominates the center of the village, is dedicated to Agia Marina and Archangel Michael.

In the center of Dasaki Achnas, stands a "memorial chapel", in honor of St. Demetrianos, protector of the refugees! It is a statue-shaped sculpture in which there are statues that symbolize the refugees of the Turkish invasion in 1974 when they were staying in tents.

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