Sotira has hagiographic name, bring the name of Christ the Savior

Sotira (Savior) is a great pure Greek village in the Famagusta district, in the geographical region of Kokkinochoria, about 10 kilometers south of the city of Famagusta. Sotira is built at an average altitude of 75 meters. The landscape is a meadow with a slight slope towards the sea, and the altitude of the area does not exceed 80 meters.

Sotira has hagiographic name: bring the name of Christ the Savior. On the 6th August they have a festival in celebration of the Transfiguration.The church, dedicated to the Transfiguration, built in the 16th century and is a valuable medieval monument. Probably the early 16th century and is another important church dedicated to Saint Mamas. Another religious monument near the village is a small chapel dedicated to St. Barbara, built in the 14th or first half of the 15th century. Still, about two kilometers west of the village there is another important medieval church of the Middle Byzantine Period, dedicated to Saint George. 12th century and is considered another important church west of the village, dedicated to Saint Theodore and ruined today. There are other churches in the region, various seasons, of which it is worth noting though that the Chordakiotissas Virgin.

The coastal area of ​​Ayia Thekla is just 5 kilometers west of Ayia Napa. Additionally, located 8 km south of the Savior and 50 kilometers east of the airport of Larnaca. Agia Thekla has evolved due to the rapid growth in the private property that occurred after Cyprus joined the EU in 2004. Over the past six years Saint Thekla was a development in the construction sector, on estates and villas developed and won a blue flag beach of Ayia Thekla.

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