Doros - Dhoros

Doros - Dhoros

Excellent quality Commandaria, Zivania, Wine and Raisin

The village of Doros is a village in the province of Limassol which is about 25 km from the city and is built at an altitude of 470 metres.
 Photo: Δωρός Λεμεσού - Dhoros Lemesou

The name of the village:
The name of the village of Doros, which is a purely Greek village since ancient times, is perhaps related to the ancient Greek name Doris.
Photo: Δωρός Λεμεσού - Dhoros Lemesou

In 1881 the village of Doros had 104 inhabitants, which gradually increase to 1946 by 254. Since 1960 they have been reduced to 207 and reach 101 in 2001. According to the 2011 census, the inhabitants of Doros village were 135.
Photo: Giannakis Papanastasiou

Historical data:
At the beginning of July 2002, an ancient tomb was discovered in the village dating back to 700 BC. The finds found were taken over by the Department of Antiquities.Photo: Δωρός Λεμεσού - Dhoros Lemesou

Sights and Churches:
Taking a walk in the village of Doros and walking through the narrow cobbled streets, you will come across traditional stone houses of folk architecture, whose balconies extend into the streets, they have embossed artwork around the doors and windows and especially the building material, the chalk, with which most houses were built. Also, the old fountain which was the main water source of the village, the community park with the pine trees and the windmill, the commandaria, raisin factory etc.
Photo: Δωρός Λεμεσού - Dhoros Lemesou

In Doros there is the ancient church of Agios Epiphanios, a building of the 14th-15th century and the church of Galaktrofusa founded in 1925 and inaugurated in 1951.
Photo: Maria Kiriakou

Crops, products and occupations:
The inhabitants of the village deal with the cultivation of vineyards, almonds, fruits and livestock.

It is worth mentioning that the village of Doros has a privileged position, from the old years, to the production of excellent quality of commandaria, zivania, wine and raisin.
Photo: Demetra Photography

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