The village with an impressive beach, that is not known by many

Paramali is a village in Limassol. It is a village located within the British Base in Akrotiri. 

The once-Turkish Cypriot village of Paramali lies at the estuary of the homonymous river, which created a huge 1150-meter delta.
Photo: Michalis Paikousis‎

The village of Paramali has experienced several population changes. Specifically in 1881 it had 107 inhabitants which in 1891 increased to 136. In 1901 it increased to 166 to slightly decrease in 1911 to 160. In 1921 it increased again to 189 and in 1946 it decreased to 154. In 1960 it increased to 248 and in 1973 to 308. In 1976 they decreased to 134 and in 1982 rose to 149. A slight decrease in 1992 to 144 and in 2001 the village had 148 inhabitants. According to the 2011 census, the population was 220.

In the village Paramali stands the church of Panagia Zodochou Pigis. A beautiful stone-built chapel built to the south of the village. The church was plundered in 1963 and converted into a stable that housed animals, and in 1977 the chapel was restored to its present form.
Photo: Kimonas Markoulis

The beach of Paramali: 
Paramali is famous for its beach. It is a beach that gives absolute tranquillity, serenity and harmony with nature.

Its landscape consists of two huge rocks on its eastern and western edges. The peaks of these rocks are inhabited by pigeons, ravens and seagulls.
Photo: Vangelis Mavronicolas

Almost all along it is covered by fine sand and in some places by pebbles. Often turtles come out to the east end of the beach to lay their eggs in the fine sand and colourful pebbles.

Its most striking feature is the view from the nearby hills, with the orange groves spreading green, almost to the tide.
Photo: Antreas Constantinou 

This beach, not known to many, is not organised or staffed by lifeguards, yet it impresses and fascinates every visitor.
Photo: Antreas Constantinou 

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