A community with natural beauty and several sights

In the western part of the central plain and approximately 22 km west of the capital city is the village of Akaki, a community with natural beauty and several sights. 

While strolling along Akaki, it is certain that one will observe the harmonious coexistence of modern and traditional residences. What is more, visitors will encounter areas rich in natural beauty, including the well-known river, locations with age-long olive trees, cultivated land, as well as several other attractions, amongst them being old watermills, olive mills, fountains, the Tower of the Franks and stony bridges.

In the village there are many churches. The main church of the village is dedicated to Panagia Chryseleousa. The rest of the churches are dedicated to Metamorphosis Soteros, to Archangel Michael, to Agia Varvara, to Apostle Pavlos (Paul), to Agios Demetrianos, to Agia Paraskevi and to Agios Georgios.

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