The village Alampra is located 21 kilometers from Nicosia

The village Alampra is located 21 kilometers from Nicosia and it is built at an altitude of 250 meters. In Alampra, both modern and traditional elements harmoniously cooperate together. On the one hand, there are houses that follow folk architecture and from the other modern and spacious.

The name of the village has as first composition the "a" the custody and the second as the word "shining", which means fire. So, as the Great Cypriot Encyclopedia also writes, the name explains that it is a "village that is not in danger of fire".

The Alampra has a steadily growing population through its geographical location. The small distance from the capital, combined with the improved road network, contributes both to the fight against urbanization and the population growth. Today's calculation of residents is estimated at around 1600.

In Alampra there is a church dedicated to Agia Marina, which protected the village from a great fire. The church was built in 1837 and rebuilt in 1954.

Photo: Gregory Michael

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