Anagyia (Anageia)

Anagyia (Anageia)

Anagyia is 15km south of Nicosia

Anagyia is 15km south of Nicosia. The name of the village comes from the words "Up" and "Agia", meaning "Upper Road". The name is associated with a small road that leads to the village and deviates from the road that connects Nicosia with the mountainous area of ​​Pitsilia.

Since 1922, a primary school has operated in the village of Anagia. In 1954, the school had one teacher and 32 children attended. Today, 109 children attend.

In the community of Anagyia there are two temples. One is old where it is located to the east side of the village and the other one is more modern, witch is located to the west. Both temples are dedicated to the Cypriot Saints Nomonas and Vichianos.

Until the 1960s, residents were engaged in agriculture and livestock farming. However, today both of these professions have almost been abandoned. Most residents are workers, craftsmen, employees and freelancers.

Photo: Μαρία Μανώλη

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