The village is built almost 105 meters above sea level.

Anarita is a village in Pafos district, located 12 kilometers away from the city of Pafos, on the northeast. The village is built almost 105 meters above sea level. Its greater part is located on the chalks formulating Pachna village.

The Dam of Anarita or else the Dam of Asprokremmos as it is also known is located on the eastern side of the community. It is the second largest dam in Cyprus with a capacity of 52 million cubic metres and it was built in the 1980s on river Xeropotamos.

The villager’s most important church is dedicated to Ayia Marina and it is built in the centre of the village. It was built in the 19th century in Byzantine style. Ayios Onisiforos church lies at the south end of the village. Ayios Epifaneios chapel lies at the east side just outside the village. It was built on the ruins where a church dedicated to Ayios Epifaneios used to be built.

he Anaritas picnic area is located north of the village, near the "Kapparovounos" area. Walking the picnic site, meets various species of shrubs and herbs, mulberries, carob trees, olive trees, a stone fountain, and a playground with wooden constructions. There are also wooden benches and tables, barbecues, drinking water and sanitary facilities in the Excursion Area. Here are various events such as Clean Monday events.

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