Its uniqueness is diffused everywhere

Androlykou is a village in the Pafos district, located 5 km southwest of Polis Chrysochous. 

Androulkou is a formerly Turkish Cypriot village in Akamas, one of the most beautiful places in Cyprus, with unique and rare flora and fauna in a combination of mountain and sea enchanting. Twenty Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot residents live today. Sometime there were 635 residents in the community. Androlykou is a community that has huge incomes due to the quarries that have been operating in the region years after the invasion by mining stones, gravel and sand from Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot land for the construction of concrete, roads, bridges, jetties and for other development projects of free areas.

Half-broken houses dominate in Androlykou, but the few inhabitants managed to give her life.

Its uniqueness is diffused everywhere. A spiritual retreat for those seeking tranquility and quality of life. Androlykou, with its unique climate, is not far from Polis Chrysochous for those who want the most cosmic excursions.

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