To the east of Argaka is the chapel of Agia Varvara.

Argaka is a village in the province of Pafos. It is located in the coastal plain of Chrysochous and is about 8 km from Polis Chrysochous.

Several streams run from the slope to the sea, a relatively large one, passing by the village of Argaka. The river Makoundas, on which the Argaka - Makounda dam was built, is located in the southeast of the village. The warm climate of Argaka helps to cultivate a few semi-tropical plants, such as prickly pear, broom, etc. The livestock farming in Argaka is relatively developed.

The settlement of Argaka is double. There is Pano and Kato Argaka. Pano Argaka represents the old settlement, while Kato Argaka, which followed the road of Polis - Pomos - Nicosia, is the new linear settlement. Argaka is located between the sea and the pine forest. While Kato Argaka is located by the sea, Pano Argaka is situated on the slope, with a magnificent view to the sea.

To the east of Argaka is the chapel of Agia Varvara. It is quite renovated and only the few capitals and carved frames around the doors bear witness to its age, probably dating back to the 18th century. Close to today's chapel of Agia Varvara, holy water is preserved. It is remarkable that the chapel of Agia Varvara with the holy water next to it, is located about one kilometer to the north of the village of Argaka, in a place known as "Vrisin tou Kalogirou". Abbot Sophronios was known as Monk (Kalogiros).

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