Walking along the village one encounters several streams

Drymou village is a village in Pafos district and is located approximately 27 kilometres northeast of the city of Pafos. It is built on an average altitude of 495 metres. 

The village of Drymou spreads on two steep slopes which are separated by a narrow valley. What’s more, while walking along the village one encounters several streams, among them being the stream of “Kampouras”, the stream of “Laourkou” and the stream of “Merika”. 

In the village od Drymou one can admire neighbourhoods with houses of popular architecture, as well as a church dedicated to Metamorphosis of Sotiros. Moreover, there are also some stretches of land covered in grains. 

The name of Drymou is linked to the ancient word “drymos”. According to the Cyprus Encyclopaedia, the word refers to a place full of oak trees (“dryes” in Greek). What is noteworthy is that three cities used to be named “Drymos” in ancient Greece.   

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