It is ideal for agrotourism because of its quiet environment

The traditional village of Kathikas is a village in the province of Pafos and is located at an altitude of about 700 meters. It has been inhabited since ancient times. It is ideal for agrotourism because of its quiet environment.

Retaining its traditional charm, the village has residences that are over a century old and serve as fine examples of folkloric architecture, whilst it also has many old and interesting churches. The small donkey sanctuary of the village further complements the authentic character of the village

Kathikas village is one of the winemaking villages of the Pafos region. Its name is said to either originate from its original owner, or from the verb ‘to sit’ - ‘kathizo’ in Greek - due to the perception that the village sits on a level location when looked at from a distance.

Kathikas is known locally for its grand Easter traditions, which visitors are welcome to watch during the period of Greek Orthodox Easter. On Good Friday, it is customary to reenact ‘Passion of the Christ’, where the President of the Community Council assumes the role of Jesus, and carries the cross from the chapel of Agios Onouphrios up until Panagia Evaggelistria church, with the rest of the villagers following in a procession.