The churches of Agios Prodromos, Agios Ermolaos and the village park are some of the places worth visiting.

The village of Lasa is located in the province of Pafos. It is adjacent to the villages of Dryma, Simou, Fyti, Milia. According to the 2001 census, the village of Lasa has 91 inhabitants.

Romanos's green landscape is one of the most beautiful landscapes visited by hundreds of locals and tourists. Still, one can visit the churches of Agios Prodromos, Agios Ermolaos and gaze at the village park which was recently created and already hosts a lot of young people and children.

The square of the village is always alive, with dozens of young people sitting every day, rejoicing and entertaining not only themselves but also the rest of the residents and foreigners. Ending up on the path of nature, where you admire the beauties of the small community of Lasa. Apart from the above, Lasio's hospitality, we are interested in taking a stroll in this beautiful village to get to know its culture.

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