On the left side of the river Ezousas

Lemona is a village on the hills of Pafos district, about 20 kilometers northeast of the city of Pafos, on the left side of the river Ezousas.
It had 188 inhabitants in 1881, 241 in 1960, 194 in 1973, 139 in 1982 and only 51 in 2011.

Likely the name of the village has ancient origins from the word "Limon" meaning meadow prairie. Other versions say that the village was named so because it had a lot of lemons or that because in the winter it had a lot of standing water, or as a change of the word "demon" which was given to the village according to a legend that there was a cave with a demon in the region.

The village has vineyards and almond tree orchards and other rural development. There are also a number of tourist houses.

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