With a panoramic view of the sea

Mesogi village is located in the Pafos district on the main street of Pafos - Polis Chrysochous. The village is built on a slope of a low hillside slope towards Pafos plain, with a panoramic view of the sea.

The population of Mesogi exceeds 1,800 inhabitants.

Today, due to the fact that the watering of the village has dried up ("Mana tou Nerou" and "Diosmes"), the tree plantations and the orchards have been reduced to a minimum. The only trees that are abundant are carob trees and these have begun to be neglected.

The women of the village deal with, among other things, the weaving and the embroidery. To a lesser extent sweepstakes and stools were also produced from anthracias that abound naturally in the area of ​​the village. In the area of ​​the village there are the old churches of Panagia Eleoussa or Chrysomesogiotissa located in Kato Chorio (which confirms that the old old village was built further south - Kato Chorio and the chapels of Saint Helen, Phaneromeni, Saint Marina and Saint Epifanios in the north. Recently, the magnificent and magnificent church of St. Varnavas has been built.

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