Many people call it the village that "lives" with two hearts

Theletra is a village in the Pafos district, located 3 km east of Kathikas village.

The village is accessible from the road that goes to Polis Chrysochou, after Stroumbi Village. Theletra,  many people call it the village that "lives" with two hearts. At the top of the hill lies the new village. Its residents work, the children go to school, the tourist accommodation gives a pulse. This heart of Theletra village beats loudly.

The second heart of the village has a pulse you just hear. Under the new village, is the old village. The old Thettera that was abandoned in 1980. The inhabitants moved there because the earthquakes, the landslides, the lack of prospects for extension of the village and the advice of the geologists, left no other choice.

The houses in the old town of Theletra still belong to the residents of the village. Despite their great effort, their houses lose the battle with time every minute that goes by.

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