Visit Cyprus

Visit Cyprus

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My name is Reham, 
I am an influencer from Jordan based in Dubai. 
My friend lives in Cyprus, so I came for a visit and I wanted to go visit the “hot” spots such as Ayia Napa and Limassol
But my friend was like "let me show you the other face of Cyprus!"  
And everything after that blew my mind. 
When I first arrived I was thinking about how quite everything is, and I kept in my mind how sweet people are, the Cypriots, and how safe the overall environment is!   
I started understanding how many things are happening on the island and how interesting the lifestyle is! 
It’s full of exciting things, that we as foreigners don’t know about. 

Therefore throughout my stay in Cyprus I tried to expose my followers to more of sweet Cyprus, as you can see from my photos!

And if you ask me if I would like to come again in Cyprus, my answer is:  Ofcourse I will! Cyprus will definitely be seeing more of me! 

Love from Jordan to Cyprus! 
Reham Alshehab

Omodos: I still can't get over how charming this little village was, sitting there nestled between beautiful mountains, blessed with sunshine and the nicest people!

Lefkara: A village on the island of Cyprus , besides being insanely gorgeous the feeling of calmness and the kindness of your people was overwhelming! Oh, I can not thank you enough for allowing me to have this experience! Simply a place worth visiting ! Famous for its beautiful handmade lace, and known in silver handicrafts. If anything I can understand why it has been listed among "THE 30 MOST BEAUTIFUL TOWNS IN EUROPE"

Troodos Mountains: "MIND BLOWING- Guys, I would like to introduce to Troodos the largest mountain range on the Island !! No picture will ever express how beautiful this place was! "

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