Kayaking in Akamas II - Explore Akamas

Kayaking in Akamas II - Explore Akamas

Sunday, May 27th

Adventure Cyprus organizes and invites all lovers of Kayak and SUP to "Kayaking in Akamas II". The event will take place on Sunday May 27 at 8:30 am. - 6 pm, at Akamas


  • Saturday 26/05/2018: camping in Aphrodite’s Baths Area 
    • With personal equipment and food
    • There is no timetable or participation fee
    • The scope is to get together and have fun
  • Sunday 27/05/2018: Kayak at Akamas Coastline 
      • Starting point “Yiannakis beach” (Known as Anassa beach) heading at Bay Blue Lagoon and return to the starting point.
      • Distance: 14Km. (Anassa Beach -Blue Lagoon- Anassa beach)
      • Duration: 4-5 hours (with short exploration stops and a major stop at Bay Blue Lagoon)
      • Difficulty: 8/10 https://www.cyprusalive.com/el/location/blue-lagoon-pafos-paphos
      • Required possession of canoe, kayak or SUP or any paddle board.
    • Each member of the team will participate by his/her own responsibility. Therefore everyone is obliged to comply with the instructions for the smooth and safe transition of the event.
    • We Respect Nature. We all must have bags for our own trash but also those who will find.
    •  Timetable:
      • 08:30-09:00: Attendance
      • 09:30: Start
      • 14:30: Return
      • 15:00: Party with Food and drink. 
    • Participation Fee: 20 Euros  
      • Includes Food, Drink 15 Euros  
      • Organizational costs 5 Euros  

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