The Church of Cyprus has a large number of Holy Monasteries and a multitude of Saints who have been practiced in Cyprus, so it has been called the Island of Saints.

The Church of Cyprus has a large number of Holy Monasteries in its flock and a multitude of Saints who have been practiced on the island of Cyprus, so it has been named "Island of Saints".

Monastery is the building or building complex, which includes the residences and workplaces of practitioners and monks and whether they live in communion or the so-called hermits. The monastery generally includes a place reserved for prayer and can also serve as a sanctuary.
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The religious tradition of Cyprus is widely known. With the definitive ending of the Arab raids, the Cypriot Church knows days of freedom and creation. Worship in God is left uninterrupted and ecclesiastic art knows days of prosperity. In the years following the Arab raids, the great communal monasteries we have been known to date are founded. The historic monasteries of the island date back centuries and are scattered all over the island.
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The most famous monasteries that exist today in Cyprus are the following:

Crossroads Monasteries

Parish Monasteries of the Holy Archdiocese of Cyprus

  • Monastery of Apostle Andrew
  • Monastery of Archangel Michael
  • Holy Monastery of the Virgin Mary
  • Holy Monastery of Panagia Trikkukiotissa

Holy Metropolis of Pafos

Holy Metropolis of Kition

Holy Metropolis of Kyrenia

  • Holy Monastery of Agios Panteleimonos
  • Monastery of Acheroizitis
  • Monastery of Archangelos Antimotopos
  • Holy Monastery of Panagia Melandrinas

Holy Metropolis of Limassol

  • Holy Monastery of Timios Prodromos Mesa Potamos
  • Holy Monastery of Counselor Christ
  • Holy Monastery of St. George Alamanos
  • Holy Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi - Panagia Glossa
  • Holy Monastery of Panagia Sfagladiotissa
  • Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas of the Cats
  • Monastery of Panagia Amassou
  • Holy Monastery of Panagia Amira

Holy Metropolis of Morphou

Holy Metropolis of Constance

  • Holy Monastery of St. Kendeas
  • Holy Monastery of Ayia Napa

Holy Metropolis of Tamassos

  • Holy Monastery of Agios Irakleidios
  • Monastery of Saint Panteleimonos Acheras
  • Sanctuary of St. John the Theologian

Holy Metropolis of Trimythous

  • Holy Monastery of Saint Spyridon
  • Holy Monastery of Saint Thekla
  • Holy Monastery of St. Minas

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