A destination with Unparalleled beauty

In my article today, I say to stay in the province of Pafos and to travel from the mountain to the sea.

Can you think of which village we went to this time? To beautiful Pegeia Where to start and where to end for this magical municipality.

The route to Pegeia:
Pegeia is one of the four municipalities of Pafos and is about 15 km from the city centre. The route to Pegeia is flooded with shades of blue and white in combination with the sun reflected in the sea and makes the landscape idyllic.

It seems that the Venetians played an important role in the name of the village as during the Venetian period they called the neighbouring port "Baeia" which in Latin means bay and over the years the word Baeia was changed to Pegeia.


Port of Agios Georgios Pegeia:

Make a stop at the port of Agios Georgios, park your car and walk all the way to the bay to see the small fishing boats playing with the wave, enjoy your fish in the tavern of the same name and worship at the ancient church of Agios Georgiou which is a building of the 13th century new Byzantine style. In the church there is a big festival on the 23rd of April that the Saint celebrates and also many weddings take place as the romantic couples prefer it for its panoramic view and the incomparable sunset.

Opposite the port you will see the small island called Yeronisos. Geronissos is right between Cyprus and Egypt and you say that there were transactions in ancient times. Flying over Yeronisos we saw ancient buildings and the Sanctuary of the god Apollo a sign that once the island was inhabited by people.

Shipwreck EDRO 3:
Leaving the port, we stop at the cosmopolitan and well-photographed shipwreck EDRO 3.

The ship that sank on our island started from Sierra Leone in 2011 and after a severe weather storm where the ship became a shipwreck, it finally got stuck in the rocks just 10 meters from the coast of Peyia. The ship stayed there and became the trademark of the area and is part of the Natura 2000 program.

Today the ship is of great interest to local tourists and foreign visitors who literally flood the area to be photographed against the backdrop of the shipwreck and the green-blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Needless to say, we stayed up late in the afternoon to admire the scenery and take pictures against the backdrop of the sunset we had never seen before, the sun literally dived behind the wreck and hid in the sea playing with the waves. The best colour palette you finally find only in nature.

Sea caves:
The next morning he finds us in another wonder of the area, the sea caves.

And where you think you have seen it all, you always find something else to take your breath away.

A landscape of unique beauty, geological and biological interest.

The caves in recent years are a refuge for the Monk-Monk seals who come here to give birth to their young.

I think we found the photographers' paradise since we did not calculate either the heat and the humidity of the summer to take our photos.

What I have to tell you is that the best photo we took can not capture the magic that our eyes saw, making us think that like Cyprus we have nowhere else.

So if you are in the area of ​​Pegeia, do not forget to visit all the above landscapes that I mentioned in my article.

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