Agioi Vavatsinias

Agioi Vavatsinias

Do you like grape syrup, palouzes, shoushoukos or Kiofterka? Visit Agioi Vavatsinias!

Agioi Vavatsinias is a beautiful village in the Larnaka province, built in the south of Machaira Forest, at an altitude of 700m above sea level.

The name of the village:
The village was named after the mulberry trees that flourish in the area. In the Cypriot language these trees are called Vavatsinia trees.
Photo:κωνσταντινος αντωνιαδης‎

Sights and Churches:
Walking in the village of Agioi Vavatsinias you will see impressive religious monuments such as the church of Agioi Anargyri Kosmas and Damianos with the holy water, which dominates the centre of the village, built in 1871 over the ruins of another smaller church.

It should be noted that, just outside the village, there is also the holy water, where by tradition the saints Kosmas and Damianos, used to water their horses. The holy water that rises, confirms their presence in the village and it is believed by the inhabitants of the village to have healing properties.
Photo: Lefteris Eleftheriou

In addition to the village there are several cauldrons used for the production of Zivania and an old pot, which used it for the production of local wine. Finally, in the village of Agioi Vavatsinias there are two dams, with a capacity of 53.000 and 55.000 cubic metres.

Agioi Vavatsinias also dominates the heroes monuments dedicated to Andrea Neocleous and Mano Loizou.
Photo: Αγίοι Βαβατσινιάς - Agioi Vavatsinias

The community of Agioi Vavatsinias experienced several fluctuations in its population. More specifically, according to the census of 1881, the inhabitants of the village were 260, which rose to 325 in 1911, to 339 in 1931 and to 397 in 1960. In 1976 the inhabitants were 203, in 1976 and in 1983 they rose to 244. census of 2001, the population was 177.
Photo: 16ον Σύστημα Ναυτοπροσκόπων Αγίου Νικολάου

Crops and Products:
The inhabitants of the village are mainly engaged in agriculture. Vineyards, olives, carob trees, almonds, citrus fruits, mandarins, figs, pomegranates, fruit trees and vegetables are cultivated in Agioi Vavatsinias. Mainly the mulberry trees, the well-known Vavatsinia trees, from which the village took its name, are thriving. In addition, olive cultivation is one of the occupations of the inhabitants of the village.

The village is also famous for its zivania and the embroidery work of their women. The history of the manufacture of the embroideries, of the Lefkarian style, is lost in the depths of the ages. Finally, it is worth noting that in the past few years the craft of not only embroideries but also silver has developed.
In Agioi Vavatsinias, even today, they make traditional dishes of the island, such as "grape syrup", "palouzes", "shoushoukos" and "Kiofterka" - as well as sweets of the spoon.
Photo: Η Κύπρος μας

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