Kosi - Kochi

Kosi - Kochi

The abandoned princess...

Kosi or Kochi is a village in the province of Larnaka, which is now abandoned.

It is a village which is about 6.2km from the city of Larnaka, 36km from Nicosia, 55km from Limassol and 104km from Pafos.
Photo: Aris Kalogerou‎

The inhabitants of Kosi were never very numerous. It is a small village that has always had relatively few inhabitants and most of them were Turkish Cypriots. In particular, Kosi in 1946 had 151 inhabitants, in 1960 it numbered 167. After the exchange of populations and the intercommunal disorder the Turkish Cypriot inhabitants of the village moved to the occupied territories of Cyprus by the Turkish troops, so in 1982 there were only 7 inhabitants remaining. Since 1992 and in all other inventories, the village remains abandoned until today.
Photo: Aris Kalogerou‎

Nearby Interesting Places:
Kosi is close to interesting places that are worth mentioning.
Some of these places are the "Megali Mouttis" Forest at 1.5 km, the "Mouttis tou Zougou" Forest at 1.8 km, the Rizoelias National Forest Park at 6.2 km and the "Pipi" Hill at 8.6 km.
Photo: Demetris Lambrou‎

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