The community consists of two settlements, Gerovasa and Trozena

Gerovasa is a village in the Limassol province. The community consists of two settlements, Gerovasa and Trozena. In fact, these are two villages that are almost united with each other and their inhabitants are in harmony with one another.
It should be noted that Turkish Cypriots lived in Gerovasa and Greek Cypriots lived in Trozena. However, they are administratively a community. The inhabitants of Gerovasa left the village in 1964 due to intercommunal unrest of 1963-64, and Trosena was abandoned in the 90s due to urbanization.

Gerovasa is 42 kilometres away from Limassol, built at an altitude of 455 metres above sea level.
Photo: Σάββας Σάββα‎ 

Occupations and crops:
Their main occupations were agriculture and livestock farming.

The name of the village:
Regarding the name of the village it should be mentioned that in ancient Greek it means sacred valley.
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During the British domination the population of the village increased. At the same time there was a population of Greek Cypriots who lived in the neighboring settlement of Trozena.

Against the bi-communal disturbances of the period 1963-64, all the Turkish Cypriot inhabitants of Gerovasa abandoned it and moved to the neighboring village of Malia and since then it has remained deserted.
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More specifically in 1881 it had 78 inhabitants. They then began to decline to 58 in 1891. In 1901 they rose to 69 to decrease in 1911 to 41. In 1921 they rose to 58 and increased in 1931 to 64. In 1946 he had 133 residents and in 1960 numbered 106. After the intercommunal riots, the population of the village declined rapidly. In 1973 it had only 13 residents and by 2001 it had been completely abandoned. 
Photo: Σάββας Σάββα

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