Kato Polemidia

Kato Polemidia

A modernised municipality

Kato Polemidia is a suburb to the northwest of Limassol and an independent municipality since 1986. The municipality of Polemidia is 5km from Limassol, it has an area of 2,130 hectares and the population is 22,115 inhabitants.
It is worth noting that the area of Kato Polemidia belongs the Limassol Industrial Area.
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Historical data:
According to historical sources, the area of Polemidia is inhabited since prehistoric times. In archaeological excavations that have taken place in the area, a necropolis dating back to the Late Bronze Age and archaeological remnants of prehistoric times was found in the sites "Skamata" and "Oufkia".
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Prior to 1974 and the Turkish invasion of the island, in Polemidia, half of the inhabitants were Turkish Cypriots who were forced to move to the Turkish Cypriot occupied territories.

All the written reports of the Kato and Pano Polemidia appear as one. Today (2018) the two communities are united.
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The name of the Village:
The name of the Municipality is attributed to the Polemidia Tree, which grows and thrives in the area.

Churches and parishes:
Administratively the Municipality of Polemidia consists of six parishes. More specifically, these are: Agios Nikolaos, Panagia Evangelistria, Archangel Michael, Apostle Barnabas, Makarios III and Anthoupolis.
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Panagia Karmiotissa is an abandoned monastery, located to the northwest of Polemidia. The chapel is dedicated to Virgin Mary Eleousa and was built in the 14th century by the Carmelite monks. The church is single-aisled, with no arch and with a rectangular shape. In one of the canopies of the western wall of the church, the form of a Carmelite monk is distinguished, which, unfortunately, is damaged by the ears and the nose. To the north of the church there is a cave that in its depths you can find the Holy Water of the Virgin Mary. Many Christians come with faith and take some of the holy water with them. Each year, on Holy Tuesday, Panagia Karmiotissa operates and celebrates, and a number of faithful Christians come to worship here.
Photo: Giannakis Papanastasiou

According to the censuses carried out in Cyprus, the Municipality of Kato Polemidia follows a steady increase in population. More specifically, in 1901, it numbered only 677 inhabitants, to increase in 1911 to 818, to 943 in 1921, to 966 in 1931 and to more than double in 1960 to 2376. In 1992, they reached 15,985 and in 2011 there was 22,369 permanent residents.

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