Famous for the Church of Panagia Chorteni and the mosque

Pelathousa is a community of the Pafos province.
Photo: Phivos Kazamias‎

The population of Pelathousa has experienced several population fluctuations over the years. More specifically, in 1946 the village had 280 inhabitants, which by 1960 had increased to 348. After the independence the island and due to urbanization, in 1982 there were only 58 inhabitants and were reduced to 44 in 1992. According to the 2011 census, Pelathousa had 49 inhabitants.
Photo: Iwanna Antreou‎

Sights and churches:
Panagia Chorteni is located north of the village of Pelathousa, a single-aisled church with a dome decorated with frescoes.
Photo: Theodoros Theodorou

Additionally, in Pelathousa you will find an old church that has been converted into a mosque. It is now a corroded building with two ornamental paintings of Muslim origin.
Photo: Andreas Chindos Constandinou

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