Livadia Pitsilias

Livadia Pitsilias

With a few but very beautiful homes.

The village of Livadia is a village that belongs to the geographical area of Pitsilia in Nicosia and it is built at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, under the high mountainside of Madari.Photo: 1000 things to do in Cyprus

The village is built on a rugged mountainous landscape surrounded with steep slopes and wild vegetation, such as dry pines and golden oaks. This landscape is divided by the rivers of Peristerona and Elias.Photo: Dimitra Pipi‎

Churches and Sightseeing:
The church of the village of Livadia is dedicated to Agia Paraskevi and it is a building of 1880. Due to its antiquity it is under the protection of the archaeological museum. Unfortunately, a serpent of serfs ravaged the chapel in 2011 and stole silver from sacred vessels of great archaeological value.
Photo: Stelios Hadjistillis

Next to the church of Agia Paraskevi there is a small square within which a small playground for children was built.
Impression also provokes the beautiful little houses of the village. These are two storey houses with exterior large wooden balconies. On the ground floor are built from stone of the area and have large exterior doors that open.
There is also the Monument of the hero Panagiotis Georgiadis in the village.
Photo: Sophia Ioannou‎

A special feature is the drinking water tank located in the center of the village. Also in Livadia Pitsilia there is the cold fountain as it is called, built next to the tank.

The crops of the village:
In Livadia Pitsilia, due to the limited area of arable land, there are also limited vineyards, almonds, apple trees and hazelnuts.
Photo: Persoula Mavrikkou‎

For the map of the area, click HERE

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