Accessible Tourism

Accessible Tourism

How hospitable is Cyprus for the Disabled?

Visitors with mobility problems can enjoy a range of services during their stay in Cyprus.

Cypriot cities allow people with mobility problems to operate independently, with equality and dignity through a series of well-designed tourist products, services and environments.

A large number of facilities in Cyprus are now upgraded and accessible to people with mobility problems.

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Public Transit: Regarding the movement of organised groups of disabled people, this can be settled throughout Cyprus if the relevant transport companies are notified in advance.
According to the CTO, there are special buses with low lifts, safety belts and air conditioning, as well as special taxis which can transport people with wheelchairs.

Airports: Both Larnaka International Airport and Pafos International Airport are fully accessible to people with disabilities and people with reduced mobility (PRM).

Facilities include:

  • Accessible sanitary facilities.
  • Space for charging electrical wheelchairs at boarding exits.
  • Lifts for entry or exit of users of wheelchairs in buses.
  • Additional ancillary services.

If you need help at the airport, we recommend that you inform your airline or travel agent when booking your ticket or at least 2 days before your departure in order to meet your requirements in the best possible way and make the trip as comfortable as possible.

Hotels: Some accommodations provide facilities that meet the needs of people with disabilities.

Some of the facilities are:

  • Special parking spaces
  • Specially designed rooms
  • Ramps with Lights

Here you can find a full list of hotel accessibility facilities for people with disabilities that have been checked by the competent government agencies and found to have facilities. However, as stated by the Cyprus Tourism Organization, before making any hotel reservation, you should make sure that it provides the necessary facilities for people with disabilities.

Beaches: There are many beaches on the island, accessible by wheelchair users. At each beach, which is accessible to people with accessibility needs, there is the recognisable international blue symbol, which depicts a wheel set. In Cyprus, so far there are 40 UNA beaches, out of which 11 beaches with full accessibility and 29 with partial accessibility.
It is remarkable that six of these beaches have a pioneering independent access system for disabled people (Seatrac). The Seatrac consists of a photovoltaic tower that powers a special seat mounted on a rail, transferring the user to a depth of 60cm. in the water for swimming. The use of Seatrac is free of charge to the public.

According to the CTO seatrac have the following beaches:

Additionally, our company publishes free tourist maps for all cities where you can locate accessible areas for people with disabilities.
For more information on where you can get our maps contact us.