Abandoned and guarded by the soldier camp...

The village of Aplanda is a village of the Larnaka province, which is built about 4 kilometres south of the village of Anglisides.

It is a village which is now abandoned.

Historical data:
Aplanda has been inhabited exclusively by Turkish Cypriots in the past years. In 1960, the inhabitants of the village numbered 55. With the intercommunal riots of 1963, in December of that year, all its Turkish Cypriot residents fled from it and moved to Kivisili.

After the Turkish invasion of 1974 and the subsequent fragmentation of the island, most moved to Limnia.
Photo: Aris Kalogerou‎

The inhabitants of Aplanda were never very numerous. Always the village was small until its final desolation. More specifically, the inhabitants of Aplanda were Turkish Cypriots and in 1946 they numbered 70. In 1960 they dropped to 55. From then on, the village was completely deserted and according to the 1982 census and all the following, the village had no inhabitants.

In the present camp in the village of Aplanda, the monument in honor of the missing persons of 1974 is built.
Photo: Aspasia Kuprianou Xatzikiriakou

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