The idiosyncratic architecture of the houses with the "Byzantines" will impress you

Vyzakia is a village in Nicosia, 9km away from Astromeritis, built on the banks of the Elias River, 300m above sea level. According to the 2011 census, Vyzakia had 347 inhabitants.
Photo: Georgia Yiasemidou‎

The story of Vyzakia:
According to the French traveler De Mas Latri, during the Venetian period there was a feud and, according to the researchers, King James II of Cyprus, granted the Northeast, to Nicholas Morabit.

The name of the village:
The name of the village of Vyzakia is presumed to come from the brooks that in the Cypriot language are called "Vyzatzies" which the river was carrying and deposited on its banks.
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The churches and the sights of Vyzakia:
In the village you see meet the renowned Mediaeval church of Archangel Michael. It is a small church with very interesting wall paintings of the 16th century, a work of a popular painter.
Photo: Georgia Yiasemidou‎

Also the beautiful church of Saint Catherine and the small chapel of Agios Andronikos and Aghia Athanasia.
Photo: Maria Kiriakou

Taking a stroll in Vyzakia you will be impressed by the peculiar architecture of the traditional village houses, which are built with the crowns or the Cypriot "Byzantines" of the river Elia. The sloping tiled roofs complete the beautiful picture of the architecture of the village's houses. Additionally, the old Venetian watermills, the small dam and the well-kept park are completing the beautiful landscape of the village.
Photo: CTO

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Vyzakia is also home to Vyzakia Athletic Union, which competes in EPOPL.

The crops of Vyzakia:
Vyzakia cultivates cereals, legumes, forage plants, vegetables, potatoes, a few vines, citrus fruits, a few fruit trees, almonds and olives. The uncultivated slopes of the village sprout on thyme, asphods, aspalaths, pines, ladano and many other thorny plants, and the riverbed is reared by reeds, oleanders and eucalyptus.
Photo: Yiannis Kypri‎

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