The name is linked to the origin of the first inhabitants

Armenochori is a village in the Limassol province and it is 310 kilometres northeast of it. The village is built at an altitude of 290 metres above sea level.

To the south it borders Agios Tychonas, to the southwest to Mouttagiaka, to the west to Foinikaria, to the north to Prastio Kellakiou and to the east to Parekklisia.
Photo: Maria Nicola Timveos‎

Historical data:
During the Frankish occupation, when the Order of the Ioannites was in Cyprus, Armenochori was included in the villages of Great Commandaria. Its first inhabitants were Armenians. During the Ottoman domination the village was inhabited by Turkish Cypriots. Until the 1940s Armenochori was inhabited by some Greek Cypriots, who abandoned it before 1960.
During the period of the bicommunal disturbances (1963-64), Armenochori served as a reception centre for Turkish Cypriots from the nearby village of Mathekoloni. Following the Turkish invasion of 1974, the Turkish Cypriot inhabitants of Armenochori moved to the occupied areas of Cyprus.

In 1881 Armenochori had 69 inhabitants, which began to grow until 1931 with a population of 162 inhabitants. In 1946 it had 155 inhabitants and in 1973 it had 224. In 1976 the village numbered 109 inhabitants and following an incremental course it reaches 218 in 2011.
Photo: Maria Nicola Timveos‎

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