It could be developed into a beautiful excursion village for peace and tranquillity...

Kissousa is a village built to the northwest of Limassol which is about 42km away from it. The village is built on the west bank of the river Cha-Potami and borders with the villages of Mallia, Pachna and Agios Amvrosios.
Photo: M. Paikousis

Name and story:
According to the "Great Cyprus Encyclopedia", the name of the village Kissousa is due to the "kissous" (meaning ivy) and it is related to an ancient site of Greece, dedicated to the god Dionysus whose sacred plant was ivy. It is probable that the area was inhabited by the Achaeans who gave it this name.

Kissousa was unable to follow the development of the large villages of the island, nor of course the big cities. So it was slowly abandoned. The first who left were the Turkish Cypriots and then the Greek Cypriots over the years. The reason why it remains unknown until today is that only 6 residents live there.
Photo: Αγνή Τσουλούπα‎

Churches and Attractions:
In Kissousa there is the church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus, who in its yard there is a large tree aged over 800 years old.
Photo: Marios Philippou

Another worthy reference area in Kissousa is the area where the pumping station of the pipeline, which sends water from the headwaters to the base of the English in Akrotiri, is built. A wonderful place full of trees and ivy.
Photo: Panikos Michael‎

There is also a small park in the village of Kissousa. Every effort made to clean up the unique nature path of the area has not been enough. The village could have grown into a beautiful village of tranquility and serenity though the exact opposite has happened.
Photo: Zoe Papa Skoulli‎

Kissousa has had a lot of population changes over the years. More specifically in 1881 it numbered 86 inhabitants, in 1891 they were reduced to 70 to increase again in 1901 to 72. In 1911 they were reduced to 58 and increased in 1921 to 65. In 1931 they were reduced to 54 and from then on they gradually decreased to number just 4 in 2001. In 2011 the number of inhabitants of Kissousa was 6.
Photo: Panikos Michael‎

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