For the name of the village there are various versions, of which even the spelling of the name may be different.

Meniko is a village in the Nicosia province and is built 20 kilometers west of the capital, in the middle of the villages of Paliometocho, Akaki and Peristerona.
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Today (2018), Meniko village has 1,000 inhabitants, mainly engaged in agriculture and livestock farming.
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The history of the village:
Meniko has been inhabited since ancient times, as evidenced by the archaeological site in the area. This archaeological site consists of a small rural sanctuary with many clay figures of the 6th century BC, dedicated to the god Baal-Ammon. According to the Great Cyprus Encyclopedia, this god is the same as the Cypriot god-protector of the shepherds and the farmers, which shows that the village was inhabited by farmers.

Later, at the time of King Peter I, the village was a feud, which belonged to the noble Henri de Giblet. During the period of the Frankish domination in Cyprus, the village became a feud of the son of Phivou de Luzignan who was a member of the royal family of Cyprus.

During the Ottoman domination (1571-1878), the Turks inhabited the village, who later abandoned it.
Photo: Dimitros Panai Patsalosavvi‎

The name of Meniko:
There are various versions for the name of the village, of which even the spelling of its name is different, Meniko or Menoiko.
The first version links the name of the village with the first settler of the village called Dominikos. Georgios Voustronios mentions Menico de Giblêt as the owner, but during the Frankish period, however, it can not be attributed to him since the name of the village is older.
Photo: Dimitros Panai Patsalosavvi‎

A second version, links the name of the village to Menikea, the son of the king of Thebes, Creonta, seems to have prevailed since the writing of the present name of the village as Menoikos is based on it.

The churches and sights of Meniko:
In Menikos, you can find one of the few churches of Orthodoxy dedicated to Agios Kyprianos and Agia Ioustini.
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South of this is the chapel of Agios Georgios, while in the east outside the village is the chapel of Agios Andronikos and Agios Athanasios.
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Also, to the north, there is the chapel of Panagia, Manas of the Children.
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Inside Meniko you will see beautiful houses built with impressive folk architecture, the Old School and the Stone Watermill.

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