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Excursions in Cyprus

The island of love, can offer you so much more than just warm sandy beaches and shopping trips. Cyprus has a number of excursions and tours for you to embark on. Marvel at the sights hidden away from modern lifestyle, as you venture off the beaded path, where the heart of the island remains unspoiled. Friendly, informative and cultural adventures suitable for all and should really not be missed!

Below we present some excursion offices you can contact to book any kind of tour you would like. 

Boat Trips

Head down to one of the Island's marinas and book yourself a boat trip. You will not be disappointed as they take you along the Island's coastline to enjoy the sunshine of the Mediterranean and its calm crystal clear waters. Take in the attractive scenery of the rocks, sea caves and unspoilt landscapes whilst onboard enjoying a refreshing drink or a BBQ. If your feeling daring, many trips also offer the opportunity for a diving expedition to world recognised sites like the famous Zenobia shipwreck. Alternatively, you can book a glass bottom boat trip and enjoy the vast underwater sea life of the Mediterranean sea, in all its glory!

Jeep Safari

Book a safari and traverse the Island in a 4x4 vehicle with experienced and knowledgeable drivers, as they take you on a invigorating, yet safe journey, to breathe in the beautiful landscape and views from the top of the Troodos mountains. Catch a glimpse of the local wildlife in its natural habitat, as they happily welcome you into their home. However, if you prefer to explore the Island at your own pace and confident that you won't get lost, then you could rent an A.T.V. vehicle and freely head out on your expedition.

We highly recommend:

Bus Tours

Sit atop of the coach as it takes you around several villages and towns. As you pass through, the driver and his assistant will guide you through the specific locations history and culture. Furthermore, the bus will stop at numerous archaeological sites and museums e.g. the Tombs of the Kings, Petra tou Romiou, Kamares, as well as a traditional tavern or restaurant for lunch (which would be included in the admission price).

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