Agios Georgios (Silikou)

Agios Georgios (Silikou)

The beautiful traditional renovated houses will send you back many decades

Agios Georgios (Sylikou) is a village of Limassol and it is about 25km away from it. It is built to the left of the Kouris valley at an altitude of 550m above sea level.

The village to the south and west is bordered by Lofou, to the east with Doros and Monagri, to the northeast with Laneia, to the north with Silikou.
Photo: Michalis Georghiades 

The name and the creation of the village:
According to the tradition, in 1800, a resident of the village of Agios Georgios Pafos, who was a shepherd, because of the drought of his village, took his family and his animals and sought a new place to live. So he arrived at the Dionisos River, an area located between Agios Georgios and Sylikos, where he settled there as well as extensive land of cultivated and abundant water. Then came another family from his village in Pafos, and they decided to name the area of ​​Agios Georgios as their original village. Their descendants built the church of Saint George, which exists until today (2018), and it preserves the remains of St. George. The descendants of these two families still live in the village today.

The village is also known as Agios Georgios Sylikou due to its proximity to the village of Silikou. Moreover, it is also known as Agios Georgios Agathiotis.
Photo: George Economides

The Population of the village:
In 1881, the population of the village followed an upward course until 1946. In 1881 it had 163 inhabitants, reaching 327 in 1946. Since 1960, it has been dwindling and the inhabitants have been gradually decreasing until 2001 when it had 69 inhabitants. According to the 2011 census, the population of the village was 111 residents. Today, the permanent residents of the village are only 96.
Photo: Pambos Hps‎

The churches of the village:
Making a walk in the village, you will see four churches. The old church of St. George, built in 1830, is a stone-built church with white walls inside and without frescoes. According to some information there was an old monastery in the same area that was destroyed. The new church of St. George, built in 1928. This church was first opened in 1955.
Photo: George Economides 

In addition, in the village there is the chapel of Agios Panteleimonas, built in 2007, and the chapel Panagia Syrkas, built in 1897. According to the tradition during the years of the Frankish rule (1192-1570) the site where the church is built Panagia of Syrkas, there was a kingdom of the Franks, with a prince of Zografou, who fell in love with the Great Lord Chinitselis from the neighbouring village of Monagri. On the south side of the church there are to date remnants of a wall that may be part of the walls that protected the above kingdom.
Photo: George Economides 

In the picturesque and beautiful village of Agios Georgios you will find beautiful traditional restored old houses of the village, which will travel you back in time. An old watermill dominates the village as well as the old Commandaria factory, which will now become a Commandaria museum.
Photo: George Economides 

The crops and products of the village:
In the village of Agios Georgios the crops that are grown are: black grapes, sultanas, grains, carobs, almonds, olives and fruit trees such as apples and plums. Traditional products of the village are wine, zivania, palouze and grapes.
Photo: Yiannis Kypri‎

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