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Souni-Zanatzia is a community in Limassol which consists of two villages, Souni and Zanatzia. The Souni-Zanatzia community is approximately 23 kilometres from the city of Limassol.

It borders the village of Kantou on the southeast, Sotira on the southwest, Kivides on the west, Agios Therapon on the north, and Alassa on the northeast.
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Souni is built in a hilly area, with an average altitude of 440 meters.

The region mainly cultivates carobs, cereals and forage plants, as well as a few varieties of vineyards and almond trees, olive trees and fruit trees.

Historical data and the name of the village:
Souni is located near the ancient kingdom of Kourion and it is believed to have belonged to it. The area of the village was important for the city of Kourion, because this is where the ancient city obtained its drinking water, at least during the Roman era. The name of the village is preserved from the ancient place name of the area.

Souni is not mentioned in medieval sources. It seems that the original settlement was destroyed and it is unknown when the recent Souni was re-established.
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Zanatzia is built on a hilly area with an average altitude of 440 meters. It is an area that is divided by tributaries of the river Kourris. 

Vineyards, grains, fodder and carobs are grown in the area.
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Historical data and the Name of the village: 
The village during the Frankish period is known by the same name. At this time it is believed to have been the property of someone named "Zane", from whom it was named Zanatzia. A second version that refers to the village's name claims that the name comes from the "Zanos bird" nesting in the area. A third version, which is the most likely, is that the village owes its name to the "Zalatzin plant".

During the Turkish occupation, the village was destroyed by the Turks. According to historical sources, the Hadjipavlou family from Limassol, created plantations of vineyards leading to reinstall the small population.

Population of the Two Villages:
The population of the Souni-Zanatzia community has experienced some fluctuations over time. It should be noted that from the 1881 census to the 1931 census the two villages are counted separately. The 1960 and 1973 censuses are listed together. The 1976, 1982 and 1992 censuses are counted separately. Subsequent censuses are counted as one community. However, we present the sum of their population.

In 1881 the population of the communities was 174. In 1891 there were 2 which in 1901 increased to 11, decreased to 9 in 1911 and increased to 36 in 1921. In 1946 the communities were completely deserted while in 1960 the population was 66, rising to 81 in 1973 to be reduced to 71 in 1976. Since 1982 the population was 155 gradually increasing to 837 in 2011.

Attractions and churches: 
In the community you will find the church of Archangel Michael and the church of Panagia Zanatzia as well as the ruined chapel of Agios Saloumi.
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