The village with the sunken church of Saint Nicholas

Alassa, is a village of Limassol province and is about 12 km away. It is built at an altitude of 440 meters above sea level.

To the south it borders Ypsonas, to the southwest to Kantou, to the west to Souni-Zanatzia, to the northwest to Agios Therapon and Lofou, to the north with Monagri and Doros, to the northeast to Limnati and to the east with Paramytha.

It is noteworthy that on the land belonging to the community, namely to the north of the settlement, there is the dam of Kouris, the biggest dam of Cyprus.
 Photo: Elena Kmetova Christodoulou

Historical data:
According to historical testimonies, the village of Alassa is inhabited since the 17th century BC. Then it was abandoned and around 1880 AD, a settlement was created on the site of today's Kouris dam. In its present location and due to the construction of the dam, it was moved in 1985.
Photo: Soulla Vasileiou‎

In the north of the old settlement of the village, which today (2018) does not exist because it was sunk in the artificial lake of Kouris, the new settlement was built and consists of modern houses. When the water level of the dam is low, the ruins of the old church of Agios Nikolaos is visible.
Photo: Soulla Vasileiou‎

In 1984, the archaeological excavations made in the area of Pano Mantilaris revealed a Roman villa of the 5th century AD, which contained baths and rooms with mosaic floors, as well as in the area of Paliotaverna were a copper processing residues and other laboratory equipment of the late era of copper (1650-1050 BC) were discovered.
Photo: Nina Krekou‎

Just above the demolished church was built a small church dedicated to Saint Nicholas. This place was formerly the solitary church of the Saint that was built after the transfer of the village to its current location due to the overflow of Kouris. In recent years, and after the new church was built, the solitary church was demolished and the chapel of the photograph below was erected as a reminder.
Photo: Doros ATheodorou

The population of Alassa:
In 1881, the village had only 23 permanent residents, which gradually grew up to 1973 to reach 149. From there onwards, the number of the population of Alassa rose to number in 2011, according to the latest census of the population, it has 282 inhabitants.
Photo: Andri Andreou

The Crops of Alassa:
The residents cultivate vines, almonds, olives, carobs and various citrus fruits.

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